Add an exiting asset problem

hi everyone
I have a problem with add an exiting asset
I define asset category , item and asset
but there no effect on chart of account or balance sheet why ?

Hi @amd,

Did you created journal entry against the depreciation schedule?

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but I think when I define an asset it must effect on asset> fixed asset
If I created that journal will effect on fixed asset an depreciaition ?

Make purchase invoice against the Asset, it will book an amount into fixed account


you can’t make purchase invoice against exiting asset

Yes because you have already booked the valuation under stock asset

what the right steps to do that right ?

but there is no effect on any account

Hi @amd

Did you enabled perpetual inventory?
Check below link for more details

I’m talk about exiting fixed asset not Inventory stock
and the perprtual inventory its enabled !!!

Hi @amd,

I meant Is Existing Asset is checked if the asset is old and it’s purchase entry has already been booked. If you have not booked the amount for old asset then make journal entry manually. For new asset you have to make purchase invoice against the asset and system will auto booked the amount.

For more details please check below links

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