Add and remove button from actions menu items in particular Doctype list

Hi , I am trying to remove Print button from actions menu items in Leave Application list.
I wrote this code but did not affect Actions items

let actions_list = cur_list.actions_menu_items
for(let j=0; j < actions_list.length; j++){
     if (actions_list[j]['label'] === "Print"){
             let print_btn_index = actions_list.indexOf(actions_list[j]);
             actions_list.splice(print_btn_index, 1);
             console.log("Print", print_btn_index);

nothing changed !

what is the best practice for doing so ?

Hello @mohamed_saif,

Did you find any solution for this, as i am also facing the same problem.

Vishakha Mishra

I got the solution. Follow the below code,

$(‘a.grey-link’).each(function() {
var data = $(this).text()
console.log(“Removed Duplicate Button”)



Excellent idea Taniyavish, that was very helpful. I took the liberty of improving the logic so it also works in multilingual installations:

refresh(frm) {
    setTimeout(function() {
        // Waiting for ERPNext to render the buttons, only to remove them immediately after
        console.debug("Removing Duplicate Button");
        $('a.grey-link').each(function() {
            // Comparing data-label instead of Button Text
            var id = $(this).children(':first-child').attr('data-label'); 
            if(id == 'Duplicate'){
                return false // exit loop
    }, 100);
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