Add App Problem

Hello everyone,

I created a new app using “bench” but i can`t show app in setup panel, or custom form area, or search.

Anyone can help me? What i’m forgueting in configuration?

have u installed?

check your apps:
open setup - module def

but if you not find that,
go to bench and try:
frappe-bench$ bench --site site_name install-app app_name

@JoEz: I have installed.

@komsel2228: I create the new app using this steps. But not working =/

The system not return any error or log.

@fernandoamorim try create a doc type for the app module

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My first app I was sure that I had it installed, but I had the same problems as you. It turned out my app was on my server but not installed. It’s worth it to double check:

  • In ERPNext search for “App Installer” or find the link to it in the setup menu
  • Check the “Installed” checkbox and make sure you see your app
  • if you don’t see your app, search for it and install it. It might be on your server but not installed.

@fernandoamorim what name is your apps?

  1. Search in your frappe-bench/apps folder
  2. To check apps installed on a site bench --site [sitename] show-installed-apps

When I try to open my app I got a error: TypeError: get() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)

@elyssonmr working with me on project…

Just to add some info: I just created the app and added it to my site nothing more (I did this because frappe’s documentation only have this information)

@fernandoamorim would you screen shoot what apps do you create…
use this:
frappe-bench$ bench list-apps
and share your screen shoot

I need create an module to control checkin and checkout of products from stock.

On checkout product:
- product code field
- User email (employee)
- User password (employee)

On filled form, check if product exists, and email/password is valid. If all ok, log checkout product.

Same process to checkin.

How is the better way to create this module?


@fernandoamorim have a look at screencast on how to build an application on frappe development docs