Add balance to ledger once invoice has been marked paid


I’ve created an invoice with the due date of 31st of January next year, but it is not yet paid and it is accounted for in the ledger. Is there a way to make it so that only paid invoiced are reflected in the ledger?

The value is currently reflected under Accounts Receivable which is good, but also Direct Income > Sales and Current Liabilities > Duties and Taxes.


What you are describing is cash-basis accounting. ERPNext can do it with Journal Entries, I believe, though the system is really more set up for Accrual accounting.

I’m far from an expert in cash accounting, but you wouldn’t use accounts receivable I don’t think. Your invoices would not be accounting documents in the same way.

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Thanks @peterg. I suppose I’ll have to live with it if there isn’t a simple way to do it. I do not wish to reconfigure ERPNext beyond recognition :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply and ave a wonderful weekend ahead!