Add barcode type in Version 11

There is any chance to add a barcode type on top of EAN and UPC?
Who works with distributors, importers and major retail chains (e.g. Walmart, Tesco, etc), it needs to use also GTIN-128 for shipping because when product arrive in their warehouses, they have automatic scanners or they have WMS that get all many info from GTIN-128…
It would be nice if developers take these details in consideration for who doing manufacturing and distribution.

The barcode package is:

and provides support for basically all 1d barcodes.

In fact, the default barcode type is code128auto, afaik. You can add a barcode generator by going to setup>customize on a page (typically the ‘item’ page) and either making a new section, or adding to the existing barcode section, and inserting a new field with type ‘barcode’. Hit the checkbox for ‘show in list view’ and it’s on the page now- just pop the barcode right into the top line and click the (invisible- really just anywhere right of the image box) go button.

As far as populating existing values into the generator automatically for printing/quality of life… someone else can pop in or I’ll get back to you; I still haven’t gotten around to perfecting my ‘pulling values from child table’ skills yet and have just been using the Libre Barcode 39 font with *'s for the start/stop.

Also be sure to check out:

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Hello @chancegold
Thanks a lot for you.
Referenced to the image that you attached, I have a question if you can help me please:
I need to set the barcode value via code and not manually, how? What code can be used?

I am attaching image that explain what I need:

I think there should be a way to set the attr of the data-barcode-value of the barcode field, maybe this is the solution. But I do not know how and that is why I am asking for help.


Getting into it over the weekend and will try to update if I figure it out and no one else jumps in.

Prior to the v11(?) integration of jsBarcode to core, @fkardame’s method of including a script that called out to jsdelivr to get the svg (which, looking at the thread, looks like you were already in that discussion!) seemed to have been the standard. Likewise, just using a type line is pretty effective, but again relies on a third party site which could be down or otherwise unavailable at any time.

Now that jsBarcode is integrated into the core and can and does generate locally, I’m sure that a barcode field type can be set up to fetch the desired field data from the sheet and a print format should be able to fetch the resulting svg/img- all locally and without needing to call out to a third party.

In theory, this should be simple and as straight forward as the method used with the Signature field, which looks like for basically the same type of data (generated image). For all I know, it is that straight forward, but all of the super-users already had the ‘third-party generated’ scripts and links in place, so why bother with a new setup?

Hey @chancegold,
Is there any feature for qrcode generation ?