Add blank column to item table for Quotation


Sometimes when a customer orders a product to be manufactured from us, they request Material Test Certification which is a number that we manually look up from raw material stock and add to the delivery note (or any document really)

So like in this image, is it possible to add a column to the table that jsut says “Comments” so that the packer can hand write in a code against each line where necessary. It would be brilliant if this could be typed in and saved with the delivery note, but hand written is fine

I have seen how to add other data columns, but this is not data but empty

@Ron_Taylor do you need build your print template using raw HTML, instead of the Print Format Builder

Take a look

Thanks for your reply. Looks well out of my league unfortunately

@Ron_Taylor & @max_morais_dmm i want this option for sales invoice is there any update on this?

@mayar same procedure described before.