Add Bundle Product to POS with (Display Items In Stock) option in pos profile

When checking Display Items In Stock option in POS profile only view the sotcked item but is there bundle items we want to appear in POS and it’s supposed to not maintain stock so will not appear in POS how can solve this issue


Same here, still looking how to resolve this.

Product bundle is a not stock item. You can repack/manufacture the “product bundle” item and add to the stock so that it will display in the POS. Else you don’t have to select the “display item in stock” so that it will show the product bundle item also.

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Thank you , but why I can sell bundle item in regular invoice form but can’t in POS?!

In regular invoice, it is showing all items irrespective of stock level. If you opt the same in POS, you will be able to generate invoice.

Actually this is question, how i can opt the same in POS?

When you create POS Profile, please don’t tick the option “Display items in Stock”.

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I Unselected the option “Display items in Stock” under POS Profile,
Still non stock Items dont displayed under POS.

@kpravihave you got any solution?

No Solution yet on non stock item, only non stock item with product bundle is working fine,

As work around
to display non stock item I changed the to display all items, and stop the validation check for non stock under

This workaround is working for me, but I not getting any reports on non stock items beside sales invoice and pos invoice.

There’s a pull request open to fix this issue. Hopefully it will be backported.

The pull request was merged, and a backport has been posted. Looks like it should be in the next update of v13.