Add Cash Opening balance

Dear All,

I need to add an opining balance in my cash account but i got
Row 8: Party Type and Party is required for Receivable / Payable account Creditors
Even though The cash account type is cash not Receivable or Payable

May be on Row 8 you have creditors or debtors account, due to this system throwing the warning message.


Thanks for your reply put now i need to add fro example 100$ to cash account the system say Total Debit must be equal to Total Credit i just need to add this amount to cash as and opining blance

In the Journal Entry, manually select an Account for which opening balance is to be updated. For each Account, enter opening balance value in the Debit or Credit column, based on it’s Account Type. Add a temporary opening balance account to manage the dr/cr. Once all your invoices are entered, your Temporary Opening account will have a balance of zero!
Please refer the link to learn more on updating opening balances.
Hope this helps.