Add COGS to Item Wise Sales Register report to make it a powerful multi dimension profitability analysis tool

The current Item Wise Sales Register report shows invoice item details together with linked sales order and delivery note, also other important info such item group, customer group, territory, cost center etc, unfortunately for the key figure part, only the revenue and tax are included, the COGS( Cost Of Goods Sold) is missing, so there is not calculated profit per each transaction possible.

Item Code Item Name Item Group Description Invoice Posting Date Customer Customer Name Customer Group Receivable Account Mode of Payment Territory Project Company Sales Order Delivery Note Income Account Cost Center Stock Qty Stock UOM Rate Amount Total Tax Total Currency

I would like to suggest adding COGS to this report to turn it into a powerful multi dimensional profitability analysis tool, same like CO-PA (Profitability Analysis sub module in the Controlling module), also please enable the chart function.

Any idea from the community?