ADD COLUMN to Stock Entry, Material Request, Purchase Request and Sales Order UI

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile:
really need your help on this one. I’m trying to make the following UI’s
1.Stock Entry
2. Purchase Order
3. Material Request and
4. Sales Order

looks like this

this screen is from the SALES INVOICE ITEM, I want my Item Code being Concatenate with my Item Name.

As you can see, I also want my Item Name display in the List View. Or in the List View I want the Item Code, Item Name, Quantity, Rate and Amount to be display.

Do you have any suggestion on how can i make this one? Please help.

Thank you.


For separate column for each field, you should enable Editable Grid feature for the Stock Entry Item table.

Same way, check Editable Grid for Sales Order Item, Delivery Note Item etc.