Add company name in the login page

Login page shown “Login to Frappe” so i need to change the content to my company name like “Login to my company name”


you can probably adapt login.html
frappe/login.html at develop · frappe/frappe (

Thanks for the reply

{{ _('Login to {0}').format(app_name or _("Frappe")) }}

pls tell me the app_name value from where it's comes

from a quick glance: seems to be coming from a hidden field within “system setting”. Probably easiest to adapt directly in HTML?

Hi Jecintha,

I hope this app serves your purpose:

Thanks for reply guys,
Its very helpful.

Ok, I’ve found a sweet way to do it with @moe01325’s approach. EPRNext uses this approach

In a custom app’s, add:

after_migrate = "<my_app>.app.add_app_name"

in my_app/my_app/, add:

import frappe

def add_app_name():
    frappe.db.set_value('System Settings', None, 'app_name', '<WHATEVER NAME>')

Now this will set the name on the login page everytime you migrate your site