Add `countryCode` parameter to Plaid settings page and integration calls

Dear community!

I have used plaid integration, and before the api change, it worked well on European WISE (Transferwise) and Revolut as well. Then I had to reauthenticate with plaid, but at this time Plaid does not list Wise nor Revolut to me.

So I asked the support what would happened? And they send me this:

“As both Wise and Revolut are UK based institutions you will need to ensure that you are providing the ’ GB ​’ country code to your countryCode ​parameter within your /link/token/create ​calls. You can read more about this in our docs.”

Is there a way to add this countryCode params somehow to the Plaid setting’s surface and then use it in the call? (Because my company does not belong to GB for example, so I’d like to override that directly).

I am open to any advice and if its not a big task, Id like to sponsor it, if it goes back to the core, bc I don’t want to maintain custom developments.