Add current date in "Payment Entry Reference" table (Even with Payment Reconciliation Tool)

I want to add date field in above mentioned child table, so I created a date field and set its default value to “Today”. I was expecting that it would enter the current date at the time of payment reconciliation. But it didn’t. Am I missing something?

Sorry for asking this may not be relevant. But can we see a list of past reconciled payments and undo them if necessary ? If so how?

I have also wondered about the date too!

In Payment Entry create a report with relevant filters and columns to view reconciled payments. To undo them you have to cancel the Payment Entry.

Is it possible with server script. As client script is also not working.

I’m already fetching cost center field from sales invoice into Payment Entry Reference table but I’m unable to add date of reconciliation (I tried “Today” as default). There should be some way to do it!

@MubeenMazhar Any possibility you could share your script for achieving this?

For fetching cost center I’m using “fetch from” field and to enter current date in custom field (reconciliation_date) I’m trying to use default value “Today” and following client script:

frappe.ui.form.on('Payment Entry Reference', {
	cost_center: function(frm,cdt, cdn){
	frappe.model.set_value(cdt, cdn, "reconciliation_date", );

I’m unable to enter current date by either method (default value and script).

@thelahera did you find any solution?