Add custom link into "desk menu"


I have set up a new Erpnext application (v15.1.0). (After login) In my “left side desk menu” I have some Workspaces.

Is there a way to add a custom link into this menu? Or does it have to be a workspace?

Specifically I have a “Stock” workspace in which I have a “Item” Doctype. Is there a way put link to “Item” table into the menu? Is it conceptually right? (I want to get rid of the “dashboard page” so user can access via menu)

Hi @petrv,

I don’t it’s possible. but If you use a shortcut then you can add the custom link accordingly.

Thank You!

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Try this once How to redirect to the Company doctype when the company profile workspace clicks - #2 by Hardik_Gadesha


Thank you both.