Add custom Widget/Card on workspace


I wanted to know if it is possible to add a custom widget/Card in any workspace by modifying the code. I’ve created cards that I want in a custom page and it can be added to workspace as a shortcut but I want to show them on the workspace so that the user don’t have to click every time on the shortcut and see the card, just login and boom!!! those cards are the first thing they will see.


This will be available as a feature in v14.

If you want to test it you can switch to develop or the v14 beta branch.

Oh that’s great. Thanks

Hello, I tried develop branch as you suggested, and I got a result something like this:

but I want to show card on workspace like this:

Is there any way by making some changes in the code?


Ah well, can you make a feature request for it here?

@shariquerik can you have a look at this? Looks like a good addition to the workspace update.

yeah sure, Thanks