Add Customer Group to Naming Series


i want to make Naming Series for Quotation like this SAL-customer_group-QTN-.YYYY.-

how can i make this?

Thank you

  1. Add a custom field for Customer Group in Quotation and named it as customer_group.
  2. Fetch value on change of Customer
  3. Add this field in your naming series SAL-{customer_group}-QTN-.YYYY.-

Thanks for your input


1-how to (Fetch value on change of Customer)

2-Special Characters except “-”, “#”, “.” and “/” not allowed in naming series (Add this field in your naming series SAL-{customer_group}-QTN-.YYYY.-)

cur_frm.add_fetch(‘customer’, ‘customer_group’, ‘customer_group’);
make customer_group field read_only.

In Naming Series set below option