Add Customer's Item Code in Packing Slip

Hello, I wanted to add the Customer’s Item Code in the Packing Slip Item. Can someone please guide me on how to do it? I tried using the Fetch From function but it is not working for me.

Maybe you can share the code that you tried, with the according error message?

Fetch from will probably not work, you will have to write a Custom/Client Script since Custom Item code is in a Child table in Item Master

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Ok, thanks for your help. Fetching data from child tables has been a problem for us. I hope ERPNext gets a solution for this without using Client Script.

Hello Every Body,
i am wondering if anybody have solution for this,
it’s working out of the box for the Delivery Note and the Sales Invoice, but for packing slip it is not.

any idea how to fetch the value, by either a script or using fitch with a custom field is really appreciated