Add default Filter

Hi i’m developing frappe application
i need to add default filter to all of my modules based on my client name
i have no idea how can i make the default filter for my doctypes


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Can you give an example?

There is no default filter feature at the moment, but could easily be added.

i think i didn’t explain well
in list view we have filter , we can filter based on different fields that doctype has.
feature i wanna add is in nabber i wanna add drop down list users choose name of client and in all module that i have in my frappe app i wanna it shows and filter with the name of that client.


something like this but for client field and my app is frappe app is not erpnext @rmehta

I have inserted the ‘Branch’ field into most of the transactions(SO,SI,DN,JE)…

Lot of our end users will filter transactions by ‘Branch’ field…

if there is a default filter like 'Branch != ‘some value’, instead of three click (1.add filter 2.change ‘ID’ to ‘Branch’ then choose value) they can simply click on '‘Branch != ‘some value’’ and change the branch…

It saves little time and since we do it a lot it will be very useful!

Exactly i have same need :slight_smile: