Add Desktop icon in desk

Hello everyone, for some personal request, I would like to add an icon on Desktop, and the icon I want to create is just like a link to other web pages. However, I have already failed for a long time after following the steps.

I have already done

  1. new-app and add “developer-mode:1” to site-config.json
  2. add new line in just like following
    { "module_name": "Ps", "icon": "octicon octicon-broadcast", "type": "link", "link": "List/Lead" },
  3. add line of “Ps” to module.txt
    The last I bench restart or bench start but it ends with no any changes.
    Is there anyone also want to add an icon not for App but for other functionality and know how to do?
    Thx for Help.

did you install the app in your site after bench new-app ?

@fahimalizain sorry, I just new-app, but I don’t know how to install app?

bench --site site_name install-app app_name
Replace site_name and app_name with appropriate names

use bench use site_name to set that site as default one for bench commands so you dont have to enter the --site argument

happy customizing :slight_smile:

@fahimalizain I would know how to ask my question! I have followed the steps written in the frappe tutorial to make the new app “Library_management” and also “bench --site site-name install-app library_management” ;however; it stall not show the app icon in my desk!

This is the desk site I want to show on

and it also show that I have installed the app

It show that I have installed the apps but apps cannot display in the desk, there is also no choice of it in the “hide/display desktop icon”, I really don’t know why it fails, that is my problem! THX!


Did you create any DocType in library_management app? If not try to create a DocType in your app then reload and check the desk


@makarand_b I not try to create any Doctype in library_management. Is there a clear way to reload? I have tried “bench start” and “bench restart” a lot of times.

if you reload without creating a doctype an error raise the best is to create doctype and role permission then assign the app to any user u want
best luck

@SOLOSOFT THXS very much! I finally successfully add the app icon to the desk after creating a doctype for app!!