Add discount on POS


How can I enable discount at POS? We are selling stuff that enable customers to trade in their old stuff, so during purchase we will deduct/give discount with flat rate.


Check this:-

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I already enable Apply Discount at POS Profile, but when I launch POS, there is no discount there.

Hi @blackfriday,

It’s working properly. It seems that you are using an old version, kindly pull latest update and check


How do you know I am using old version, here is from my About
ERPNext: v7.1.20
Frappe Framework: v7.1.21

Hi @blackfriday

Add discount working properly so I guess you are on older version and was right. Current version is as below

How to update it safely @rohit_w?

Hi @blackfriday,

Run bench update command, hope you don’t have any local changes in the core apps