Add feature Suggesting product's list pop up for the bought product in POS

Greetings Every One
I want to contribute to community following features in POS
While adding Item for sale, we will also get popup for related item with selected item if any one
I need guidance
can someone tell me that is it feasible and needed in ERPNext or not?

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Awesome feature. Will make it easy to use in a QSR

I do not know how feasible it is, am not a programmer …but it is desirable.


Hi…Watched movie…but it is not really clear to me what u want to achieve…Believe it is about products that are often sold togther…chicken with rice and vegetables…For some businesses this may be usefull

Yes it is very usefull for QSR solution as well retail shop
I started research for feasibility with ERPNext
Hope find Solution for it

Yes this features is about when seller add one product he will get pop up suggesting other products linked to the bought product.

The image link expired. Please can you post the image directly here?

Link Updated