Add Google Analytics, URL not found

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add Google Analytics code into “HTLM Header, ROBOTS AND REDIRECTS” section, but it doesn’t work. From browser console, i see it’s append the url of my site and google url site which is “

In addition, i tried to input the ID into “INTERGRATIONS” but it doesn’t show in website source code.

Could you please show me how to fix it?
Thank you.

I have Google Tag manager since many years in the HTLM Header, ROBOTS AND REDIRECTS” section and works perfect.

I use the ErpNext hosted by Frappe

Don’t know what’s wrong with my site, from the console it shows like this:

As result, it’s not loaded properly.

please refer the attached screenshot of this error.

Thank you.

This usually happens when the url is entered incorrectly. Eg: you don’t and an http or https ahead of the url so the system appends the entire site and treats the address you added as a relative one.

Can you share how the gtag has been entered? You can block/cancel out any sensitive information from the screenshot.

thanks @kennethsequeira for your reply.
Please see attached screenshot below for my gtag setting.

Thank you.

Do you have any idea how to correct this?
Thank you.

It seems like you’re encountering an issue with adding Google Analytics to your Frappe Framework website. To address this problem, follow these steps:
Make sure you’re placing the Google Analytics tracking code in the correct section of your HTML Header. Double-check for any typos or syntax errors.
Ensure that you’re using the correct Google Analytics ID (e.g., “UA-XXXXXXXX-X”). If it’s not showing up in your website source code, it might not be correctly integrated.
Verify that your website is accessible and the URL is correct. In your case, the link you provided is Ensure that there are no issues with the website itself.
Clear your browser cache and try accessing your website again to check if the Google Analytics code is working.