Add Hospitality Module to the Desk V.12

How can I add the Hospitality module to the Erpnext Desk? I’ve enabled the Domain in settings but it’s not showing in the customize desk popup.

Reload the browser?
Or log out and in again?

Tried both. even cleared the cache. still no luck

In the popup, you select the user or everyone? check both.

OK. I just tried to activate the hospitality domain. And can’t see it on the popup either. I don’t even see it on the desk. But still can access the doctypes by typing in awesomebar.
So I think there is a bug or something. Previous to ERPNExt version 12.16.2 I think there is no problem with it.

What version are you using?
Mine is erpnext 12.16.2 and frappe 12.11.0

Continuing this post:

I just see:

  • There are doctype Restaurant and Hotels in ERPNext
  • Yet the domain in Domain Setting is still Hospitality,
  • There are config/ entry for Restaurant and Hotel,
  • And yet there are no cards for Restaurant and Hotel displayed on desk.

So the domains that are not displayed on desk are:

  • Distribution
  • Service
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel

Is this intentionally or is it a bug?