Add HR module from erpnext to other site


I created new site and app in frappe bench local user in developer mode.Now i want to add ready made HR module from erpnext app in frappe-bench folder. so, how can i add this to my own created site ? Is it possible ?


sorry I’m lost to this line. Can you rephrase?


It means that, i want to use HR module from erpnext app to my own created site. i add one module in new site, now i want HR module as well. so, i want erpnext’s HR module. can i use this HR module in my new site.

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Hardik Gadesha


HR module is one of the core modules of the ERPNext application and has quite large number inter-dependencies on other modules which makes it tab bit difficult to achieve the result that you are expecting in here.

But nonetheless, you will have to create a separate Frappé application and then copy HR module from ERPNext to your newly created application, and then move ahead resolving the errors.

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