Add item capitalization feature

I’m looking into adding capitalization on items feature to my erpnext setup.

Basically, I want when I buy an item, for example 1000$. Later I service my item for example for 100$ and I paid it with payment entry. I want to capitalize that 100$ on my item value so in the inventory the value of the car will be 1100$ and I want it automatically.

What I’ve done is, I added a table to the item doctype that can store payment entries and fetch the total value of all services. I also edited the payment entry doctype to be able to use stock account instead of creditor, so when I buy a service it gets reflected on the stock account in the chart of accounts. I don’t want it to be an expense.

I’m stuck in the code, I want now whenever the item is edited to add a new payment, the valuation of that car gets updated to capitalize on them.


  1. bought a car for 1000$
  2. paid the auction fees for 100$
  3. add the acution fee payment entry to the car
  4. the car get re-evaluated to be 1100$
  5. cleaned the car in cleaning facility for 50$
  6. add the payment entry for the cleaning facility to the car
  7. the car gets re-evaluated to be worth 1150$ now

I’m looking into forking the project, create a branch, then add my features I don’t want to use client and server side scripts. I got lost in finding how the items are being valuated because I see sometimes it get fetched from the last purchase invoice, sometimes from the valuation int docfield in the item doctype. I’m kinda lost.