Add item image in Job Card

Hi everyone.

I need to add the Item image in the job card, I tried the following and many more but failing to find whats the issue:

there is no link in the job card to Item, and I don’t know how to auto populate the link field (would be greater if someone tell me how to)

I added a custom field called item_image in job card and in the fetch from added work_order.image with field type image / HTML / data / attach image but all failed to show anything or even give the URL.

I changed the fetch from to be production_item.image and also failed to show anything.

am I missing something?

tried custom script as the following and still not working:


Can anyone please help?

Hello @ramielian,

The problem was with the fieldname & type that you have created in the job card. The fieldname & type should be same as that of the fieldname & type available in the work order. Please view below screenshots for your reference. The image will appear once you save the Job Card document.

hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply.

You are correct!

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