Add "item_name" to Timesheet with Customize Form [V7]

Hi, I am trying to add “item_name” to the “Timesheet” doctype using the Customize Form method. I have added a new row, given it an initial name of “item_name”, set type to “Link”, set options to “Item” to link to the the doctype Item, and clicked “read only” in the permissions. I then created a new column break and moved that into the section called “Production Detail” after the “Production Order” link. I then moved my new link “item_name” to below this column break. I update the form and then go to a timesheet that is linked with a production order and there is no item name displayed. I check the html and there is indeed some code there referencing this new column and the “item_name” but nothing is displaying on the page. Any Ideas?

Apologies if this has been posted here before but I have searched for a few weeks for a solution.