Add Item to Quotation using Customer Code


When some of our products have customer codes, some do not

When adding an item to a quotation for a customer, it would be good to search for Item Code OR customer item code

Is this possible on cloud hosting with ERPNEXT?

Sorry but it is not very clear about customer item code what you mean, if you put this customer item code in item description you can make search for it.


Customer Item codes are part of the “item”

Here you can specify different codes for different customers

Sorry I didn’t use customer’s item code that’s why I didn’t know about it. I think you should try to change in quotation_item.json option “search_index”: 1

I don’t think we have access to that on ERPNET cloud hosting plan.Hoping for a solution within the current system

I don’t remember how but I saw some function like “set_property_value”(maybe something other sorry I’m not sure) which can change the field value, so you can try create some custom_script for quotation_item which change value in “search_index” to 1

Thanks again for your reply. But I would have no idea what so ever of how to create a custom script, never mind what coding should go in it :frowning: