Add item to warehouse from previously submitted Purchase Invoice

I have a purchase invoice which was submitted without update stock checked. Now that the item is in our hands, how do I indicated that the item was received and in the warehouse?

The purchase receipt link is disabled on the invoice page. I manually went to new purchase receipt, but there’s no way to indicate against which invoice I’m receiving the items from.

You can cancel the Purchase Invoice and resubmit it.

That’s what I ended up doing, but that’s not a real solution is it? What if I purchased something, and already have the invoice in hand but expect it to be delivered at a later date? I can’t just cancel and remake the invoice entries all the time.

You can’t create purchase receipt from purchase invoice.

You can create a draft Purchase Invoice and submit it when It is delivered, with update stock checked.
Create purchase receipt and invoice together when it is delivered.
Create a custom field in Purchase Receipt to enter Purchase Invoice Number. This will allow you to create Purchase Invoice first and Purchase Receipt when it is delivered.

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