Add material design with frappe portal

Is there any workaround to add material design with frappe portal?

Hi there,

Not in a simple way. You could create a custom app and then override all of the template files. It’d be a big project, but probably doable.

Is it possible to add an angular app with portal?

Possibly. I don’t know much about angular, but I suspect you could get the library loaded and running on html components. At some point, though, I imagine you’d start conflicting with Frappe’s framework for things like routing, etc.

Thanks for your suggestion, I have one more question. While extending a base page at frappe portal I lost the connection with js file corresponding to an html file. Why?

Lets say I have a base file called my_base.html with some common html tags. Let’s say I have another file called home.html.So I am extending my_base.html using the ‘extends’ keyword of jinja.But while extending I lost the connection with the file home.js which is the javascript file of home.html.Could you please explain what would be the reason?

Sorry, I couldn’t guess. You might find a clue in the server or debug logs.