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is there any possibility, to insert menu items into the list view of a document. In Detail view i have achieved through changing the docs js file and it works great.
My intention is to process things based on selected items in a list (e.g. Customers, Sales Invoices etc), but mostly in own app and module.

Any help again appreciated.
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You have to include one .js and one .html file named doctype + _list inside associated doctype directory.
Check erpnext/erpnext/selling/doctype/sales_order at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub, as an example.


Thanks very much. I have reviewed the sales invoice related files but have some questions about the usage:

  1. The “add fields and filter” in the js seems to compose the query to the db, but when i make additional columns and try to insert the fields in the format % doc.fieldname % the y do not appear
  2. What is the format to insert the menu_item. can you give me a link to a js where this is achieved.

Thanks very much again.

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Menus are changing in v5 - you can write an onload method to add menu options.

See an example:

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Thanks very much. Seems nothing is impossible. I replaced the logic with the one in the v5 time_log_list.js and it works fine. Thanks again for now


Can I use custom script to make a custom field visible in the item list view?


You can make the custom field a part of the title:

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@fuekor Can you share some hints how to add e.g. make sales invoice button in Delivery Note list-view menu…so we can select multiple DNs in list-view to create sales invoice from selected DNs…


UI mods like this would come in very handy.

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See this for reference:

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@rmehta - How can I add more fields in dropdown for sorting?

Make them mandatory or bold