Add/Modify Autorepeat Frequency

I’m new to and evaluation ERPNext for our business. So far I like what I see! We have a unique business model, and it’s been hard to find a good fit software-wise. To date, we’ve implemented a home-grown solution, which is expensive. ERPNext looks like it could be a way out of that hole.

I ran into a bit of a snag, though, which I haven’t figured out yet. We bill in cycles rather than months - i.e. every four weeks. When selecting subscription or autorepeat on a sales invoice, I see the options:


We need an option for “Cyclically” (or even an option added to “Weekly” for how many weeks between repeats), and it would ideally allow us to choose the start date.

I found the Auto Repeat form, which does allow me to add an option called “Cyclically”, but it obviously doesn’t know what the schedule is for the option.

What are my options here? Is it possible to add frequencies, or add fields for specified frequencies?

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I’m still looking for feedback from the community. I think, however, that this may be a restriction imposed by the frappe framework. See my feature request here: Auto Repeat Options · Issue #12172 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Maybe you can use Monthly and repeat on day 28 ?

And I agree with the additional field to set the cycle. It’s usefull for every other day or bi-monthly, etc.

Hi rahy, thanks for your post!

Maybe you can use Monthly and repeat on day 28 ?

Unfortunately that won’t accomplish what I’m trying to do. The 28th is 28 days from the start of the month, not from the 28th day of the previous month.

That sounded weird, so here’s a concrete example. Supposing that the first event occurred on January 28th as you suggest, we end up with a schedule like this:


Every date occurs on a Thursday, exactly 4 weeks from the previous date, but not always on the same day of the month. That’s what I need to accomplish.

I understand your situation. I also tried to achieve this but there is no solution.
I ended up using a prorate for the first period and start the repeat on the first date of the next period.

Because the frequency in auto-repeat is period-based and not duration-based.

I add an issue for feature request in GitHub: