Add more apps to the ERPNext App Installer

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we have been contacted by several potentially interested customers in ERPNext who have looked at the App Installer (http://localhost:8000/desk#applications) and were surprised by the low number of apps available. While it is absolutely clear how to install apps from the server/console, I would be curious how apps can be added to the integrated installer so that a customer can add them…

I think especially integration apps would add good value (MailChimp, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, …; see other discussion threads).

ERPNext is a monolith - that means everything is merged into core rather than being maintained as separate apps. There was discussion about there here.

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Indeed, ERPNext being a monolith is a choice not a limitation.

The question is whether a plug-in/app, if developed can be deployed without going into a console just like the some of the Apps from the “App Installer”.

The above “App installer” demonstrates it. Just how to code it? :slight_smile:

Apparently the install apps page is deprecated. See No application page? - #2 by netchampfaris

So, this means the only way to install apps is to do it through teh console.

Oh! Seems like a decision made without too much consultation. It is a pity we have to discover this after the fact.
Maybe the bench app (or bench manager app) via the web might do the trick.

Hi both,

now I am confused, using ERPNext: v10.1.4 (master) and Frappe Framework: v10.1.1 (master), I can still access the installer on http://localhost:8000/desk#applications. So as long as the server maintainer loads the app to the server, each tenant can install it from there…

Being a monolith can be a good choice for stability. But I guess we all agree that we need the apps to apply to other, specific use cases. So hopefully, this is not being deprecated… And ideally, there is a central way to push some apps, this will add value IMHO.

indeed. when i checked my latest test install, i saw it too. Not sure maybe, netchamfaris was referring to the develop branch. No idea.

Apps are not being deprecated, just the installer page. ERPNext is also an “app” in frappe.

The app page as been removed in develop. Main reasons being it was run in the foreground via the web, and had a few issues.


Thanks. Does the Bench App replace this installer?

Thanks for the clarification. Still, I believe this is a minus, as it makes the system seem more complex/complicated to customers. Especially in hosted contexts, this feature allowed the system provider to make apps available (e.g. for specific integrations) and customers could then enable the ones the wanted. Propose to have this discussed with the community…


I wonder if there is a limited way of offering bench command in that case.