OpenCart Integration

Anybody done any work on OpenCart integration? I know there is a bit of work that has been done in this area, and I just wanted to check if there are any updates.



Hi Jay,
We have not done any specific work on Opencart Integration but we did work on Magento integration few years back. If you can guide us what exactly needs to be achieved then we can definitely explore.


@JayRam this does exist but im not sure if it production ready. I do know on version 6 we did have it working in a dev environment

Hi, this is interesting. Is there a way to understand what work has already been done on integration between ERPNext and Opencart


This is exactly what I need for a project I’m working on. Any updates on this feature? Would someone be able to tell me if Opencart can work with REST?

@Pragnya we had it working for a client.

Thank you for your response. Any pointers to some documentation on how this was done exactly will be greatly appreciated.


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Good Day

Any progress in OpenCart Integration?

Thank You

Ahh yes too bad not much sign of recent activity here GitHub - nathando/erpnext-opencart-api: ERPNext API to connect with opencart

Yes, but could you help?

Hello Sir…
Thanks you so much for your work.
Sir please can make video tutorial?

I am not at all familiar with OpenCart setup and use.

Perhaps an Opencart user may want to document their learning, or create a howto and so on.

The ideal is to scratch your own itch, and to contribute that back for all the community to benefit.

Hi, I have done work on this , message me for any help.