Add More Fields in List View

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing great.

I am trying to add more fields in the list view of Sales invoice and purchase invoice.

I come to know that I can only add two fields of my choice, so I added them. What I wanted was, posting date, amount and company name. I cam only add any two fields.

Again I came to know that this can only be achieved via some customization.
Which file should I look to customize; I actually want to directly hit on that file; no worries about the language, please just point me to the right direction.

Best Regards

You can edit the Sales Invoice by using the customize option and only tick the in list view on your require fields. Also remember that only 5 fields will display on the list view.



Yeah. Bloody 5. Always not enough by one. Sometimes by two :wink: - could this perhaps go away maybe? ;p

I know this, but this will only give me limited functionality.

I want to add more than 5 fields. Even if I have to scroll from the bottom to see the other field. That is why I am asking about the files to edit, and program them to get the required view I want.

What I mean to say is, which doctype/list file/java file should I target, because I am not able to get a hold of it at the moment.

At the moment, its very difficult for me to understand the complete structure of the system and i have a limited time unfortunately. Thats why im asking the exact file(s) to change.

Will anyone help please