Add Multiple in quotation does not fetch custom fields

I added two new custom fields to an item doctype then added the same fields in the quotation item doctype as a link.

While adding new items in a new quotation the data from the custom fields do appear, but if I add the items using “Add Multiple” feature the data from custom fields does not appear.


ERPNext: v15.8.3

Frappe Framework: v15.7.0

Using Docker Desktop

I added this issue to github:
Add Multiple in quotaion does not fetch custom fields · Issue #39910 · frappe/erpnext (

Do you know how fix it?

Hmm :thinking:,

Right @ahmt,

However, when you save the quotation or any transaction, the correct value will be retrieved.
Please try and check it.

Thank You!

@NCP thank you for your replay, yes that is correct, but I could not check it before writing this post due to the fields were mandatory :slight_smile:
I changed them and it works fine, after saving the quotation the data in the custom fields do appear.

What we can do to fix this :thinking:

Hi @ahmt,

I think you need to configure the client/server script so that when a quotation is saved, certain fields become mandatory. You need to create a setup according to the scenario.

Thank You!