Add multiple Items to Shopping cart for Guest User/Visitor


is it possible to add multiple items to shopping cart for guest user/visitor ?

For now, not till user signup.

@umair How high is this barrier? How tough of a problem is it to solve?
It feels like a pretty big barrier to customers and might be worth some investment to improve.


It is not just about adding multiple items but generally it scares customers away if you are asked to Sign Up instantly when you put something in your shopping cart. Imagine a real, physical supermarket in which a sales person would jump to ask your name at once when you put anything into your shopping cart! You would either run or give a fake name.


Hi, this is one of the fundamental functionalities to be able to consider the integrated ecomerce that does not ask you to log in at any time until you decide to actually buy.

There is another issue where you delete what you put in the cart when you log in.

You could make a bounty as it would open the door to many users to consider it.


Definitely. This is a very core functionality. Umair has a video that I sent for him about how to have a better flow for the whole shopping cart functionality.
How the bounties work? Who decides how much is the amount of work and bounty sum? These are difficult to estimate because things like a wrong order confirmation path after a Paypal payment could be extremely easy to correct, also by me but I’m not familiar of the structure where I could find the lines of codes and fix it. We’ve been working e.g. with ZenCart that is written in php but totally another story than this ERPNext.

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I finally found how to make a new bounty (why is it that difficult?) on the website of and I saved it there. Unfortunately I got no link what to give you to have a look here. It is just (hopefully) saved under my portal.

Correction here:
Even if I found the Bounty system, it should not be used at the moment. So, we should collect resources among the community and get things forward by ourselves. Then with some resources we will find a way to co-operate with the busy ERPNext team. Would that sound a proper plan?

I have no clue how many webshop/cart users are using the native “as is” solution (cloud). Several firms have implemented sophisticated website solutions, that we not integrated in the “core”. Have a look at
We work very local and I have only a few web orders per year, so not really crucial for me. But today we had one order, The client complaint about the interface. I tested myself today…everything works fine but it is not really intuitive…it is clumsy,horrible flow…as compared to a modern webshop. In my view just some minor improvements needed to allow the easy flow of the purchase process. Am willing to contribute…


Very true. We are collecting people to tackle this together. Thanks for your message, really appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Hey, we have started a project group to tackle these issues. You’re welcome to join.

Hi guys

Any update on this issue?


Unfortunately no. We are busy with other projects but I am watching some of the amazing work being done with the POS project. It is possible that we could build on that in the future.

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Thank you so much

I hope it could be implemented in close future.


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That sounds interesting. Due to other engagements in our professions here we haven’t got time to follow the development lately. Surely we are interested in knowing more on the POS though.

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