Add multiple to table does not bind add_fetch event

I have two fields that are fetched from item master when added to QTN/SO/DN etc. When a user clicks the “add multiple” button, the event does not run and the fields are not fetched. The script still works fine when adding items to the table normally.

Script is
cur_frm.add_fetch("item_code", "fieldname", "fieldname");

Bump. Is there a chance that I’m doing something wrong? Do I need to put the fetches in a different doctype as well?

Not sure, will have to replicate. The values are set using the API, so all triggers should be normally called.

were you able to solve this issue? i’m also facing the same challenge with “Add Multiple” Button

anyone else faced this issue?

with “Add Multiple” add_fetch event is not working.

Even if we put code in Custome field. “item_code.customfield” that is also not working.
but if we add row with “Add Row” button it’s working fine.