Add new Communication

If I want to add a new communication, it requires always an email adress (from / to) fields, even when its a phonecall note or anything else but an email.

Providing a new entry without those mailadresses will cause a crash on save (stacktrace shown in window)

Do i miss something?
Can those fields be changed from mandatory?

Are there any kind of documentation for this?

A communication is usually tagged to a Contact or Lead, hence the mandatory email field. You could remove the mandatory though, it should not be problem.

Docs are WIP:

ok, so i think of CRM:

how is any other note like sales person visit, meeting, phone call, internal actions lieke research stored for a lead or customer?

Same for support:
How can I start a ticket because e.g. a phone call, or snail mail, or a monitoring system?
All field that could be used is named “Raised By (Email)”