Add Opening Loyalty Points to Customer

Hello Team,

Is there any way, We can add opening loyalty points to the customers?
As we are going to migrate clients data from old system to ERPNext, We plan to migrate customers Loyalty points as well,

When I try to grant access to Create New in loyalty points still not able to see the NEW button, So I assume its not allowed to manually add loyalty points??

How can anyone do opening loyalty points for customers?

Anyone? Bump!

Is the loyalty module even working properly ?

I would test it properly before wasting time doing what you are doing.

Last time I checked …it had flaws

Yes good point, I will have to test it slowly.
But it would be better if we can have opening points for each customer, this would make it easy to test the loyalty points

I have not found anyway to upload customers old loyalty?
Can anyone look into this and check atleast we can do it via sql upload?

@ManasSolanki apologies for tagging you. As you have developed this and maybe you are the right person to guide on the method of uploading loyalty points earned in customer previous system. It is like opening stock without making any invoice.

Thank you for the help.

It seems like Loyalty Point Entry is the table that this could be done in. But that docType is locked so we can’t add or edit records in it.