Add option , Group By at Reports

I want to add option group by ( some fields ) like the group by at item wise sales register.

because i want to show data by different views.

Hi @Ahmedyousef15,

That for, you should develop the new custom server script report.

Then collect the base script and added your option in js and py files like:
First, add the custom field (having a master field) in the below line.

"options": ["Customer Group", "Customer", "Item Group", "Item", "Territory", "Invoice", "Custom Field"]


Then add the custom field-related scenario in the report py file.
wherever used in the territory in the report, use the custom field after territory.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

i don’t have permission to get py files at server , can i insert the server script from browser (user interface)?

that for developing the custom app.
In the user interface view to server script report develops, it is complex.