Add Payment Term from sales invoice into chart of accounts

I’ have Sales invoice that have two payment term schedule 1 called [10% Retention] and [90% of Invoice]
in Retention i created mode of payment related to account called Retention Receivable ,
but there is now data show in this ledger in chart if account it’s completely empty ,its show all data in Debtors only i want to separate amount of Retention and put this value only to show in ledger[ Retention Receivable ]account

any idea

The payment terms are not connected to any accounts. Can you post any screenshot of the invoice? You can have different income accounts in one sales invoice against different items. But the receivable account will be one. You can’t have two receivable account in one invoice. May be you can create the retention account as chargeable account and deduct it through the sales taxes and charges table.

this is where i define Retention in sales invoice

I also have the similar problem. I have Advance / Retention adjusted against each invoice while making the invoices