Add previous balances of my company

Hello Everyone,

I want to add previous balances of my company.
My company was started in 2016 and now we have shifted to ERPNext how can I add past balances and opening balance for this financial year 2018-19 so that we can continue with our business transaction.

cc: @Shubham_Gupta

u can go to accounting and chose journal entry make new and chose type ( opening entry )

Hi welcome to ERPNext

As well and of course be sure to search the forum or Google for eg ‘erpnext opening balance’ for docs, clues and pointers.

Specific details, references, screenshots, error messages etc of what you have tried and are stuck on will help us help you here…

Long story short:

PS: you might want to check the manual for what you require first. Most of the setup cases have been covered in it :slight_smile:

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