Add Quotation in Voucher Type in Accounts Receivable and General Ledger

Hello !!

I have a query that, Can we have Quotation in Voucher Type in Account Receivable reports.

Receivables and GL Report can’t have quotations since quotes don’t have any accounting impact. creation Invoices, Payment Entries, Delivery notes, JVs, and Purchase receipts are the only entries in a sales/purchase process which have accounting impact and create ledger entries.

You’re better off creating a report from scratch for quotations rather than looking at incorporating them into the A/R and GL reports.

What’s the use case of including them?

Actually, Our Account department generates a Sales Invoice after payment received, So after sending a Quotation if payment received from the client, then they create an Invoice.

Sometimes they need to see the customer ledger for the check which payment is received/pending against which quotation.

If somehow I able to get the quotation or Sales Order in A/R and GL they can track pending and paid entry.


You can just use workflow or a new select field called status for this. After submitting the quote, it will be in an accepted/payment pending state. You can use the report builder or a script report to show the pending payments. As and when the payment is received, the accounts team can create invoices.

If you need the quote to reflect any pending amount, you can write a script to fetch any payments made to invoices generated from this quote. Or even better, use Sales Orders instead of quotes. Why? ERPNext already allows you to accept payments against a Sales Order and it tracks any advances received as well. The previous advice related to using a combo or status, workflow, and report would still stand instead of trying to fiddle with the core accounting and allowing quotes to make ledger entries.