Add/Remove Connections

Hi all,

Is there any way to add and/or remove the connections with other docs?

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Go the customize the doctype and you can see the document links.

For hiding connections, use the below custom script

    frappe.ui.form.on('Customer', {
onload (frm) {
setTimeout(() => {
    $("[data-doctype='Maintenance Visit']").hide();
    }, 10);


and for adding use Customize form and add connection in document links


the connections is handled by frappe throght frappe.ui.form.Dashboard js class. Every time that you create a Form instance is added as dashboard parameter a instance of this class. Furthermore, if you add public js file to your app, and copy this class from the frappe app to your app, and use frappe.provide to redirect to this custom class, thus you can manage whole flow of connection.