Add sales order number to delivery note

Can anyone advise how to add the sales order number to the delivery note?

@Ron_Taylor, Sales Order number already there on Delivery Note Item table. When you create DN from SO system populate SO name

I am not seeing it in this list to be able to add it to the custom delivery note
What field name am I looking for?

It’s inside items child table. You can select the column there…

Please can you explain further. How can I get this information on the delivery note? I need some detailed steps and I am unfamiliar with so much of the behind the scenes of ERPNEXT

Thanks. Unfortunately that is part of the item table, so it is printed against every line. I just want the sales order number once

You can use {{ doc.items[0].against_sales_order }} in the heading!

Note that this only works if the SO is linked in the DN item, and if you only deliver against one sales order per delivery.

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Brilliant. Cheers