Add scanned invoice to "Purchase Invoice"

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I´m evaluating ERPNext at the moment. One feature I need to have is the ability to add scanned documents (invoices) to a purchase invoice. So that I´m able to search through the purchase invoices and can find the according invoice directly in digital form.

Is this possible? I´ve tried to add an addition datafiel to purchase invoice but with no result…

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@mik3e Please note that there is already a feature to add attachments in Frappe so you can easily add attachments to any document in erpnext.

Once you save a document there would be a + sign at the left bar to add attachments.

See the image below:

You can also change the limit of the attachments to a document in erpnext by going to customize form view. It would be better if you take a look at the manual as well:

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To add on this,
We put all our scan Purchase Invoice and other documents into our Google Drive.
In the attachements, you can either attach the file or give a link to the file. In this case we gave the link to the Document in Google Drive (Just change the read rights on the documents).
This is a great tool for us.

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