Add Serial No in Purchase Receipt


I have created a Item and I have selected to use Serial Numbers (a laptop for example)

I have leave the Serial Number in blanck so I wan to use the SN provided by the manufacturer

Then I create a Purchase Receipt for this item:

I save the the PR but I can not present it because I have not Serial Num for serialized items:

Where do I specify the Vendor Serial Number to avoid this error?

-When you create item ,and Select option as “Yes” for “Has Serial Number”
then Give series. and save item form
-when you create Purchase receipt and submit it then serial number get created
(based on how much quantity you specify).

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Yes I know, but I do not want to use a sistem serial number I want to use
the vendor serial number, it will be not posible to get consecutive serial
numbers from vender

Make fieldtype as ‘‘Data’’ instead of ‘‘Link’’, so you can enter the vendor’s serial number.

where can i change the settings from link to data?

Hi @hwinkel

The system serial number field is already of type Data in the new versions of ERPNext (As you see, the original posts are more than a year old).

The way you would handle serial numbers:

When you are creating the item, make sure you select Has Serial No. as per screenshot. If you only want to use vendor serial numbers leave the Serial Number Series field blank:

When you are receiving (creating a Purchase Receipt) you need to enter the item details and type in (or scan using a barcode scanner) the vendor serial numbers of all received items, as per screenshot:

Finally, when you are delivering a sales order (creating a delivery note) you will define the serial number of the item sold. It will default to using FIFO and going with the oldest serial number. However, as is sometimes the case, you will need to overwrite it and tell it which serial number you are shipping out, as per screenshot:

Hope this solves your problem.

I’ll check the Purchase Receipt. Thank you.

After I got this working I need to try to have another serialized field in the serial number table and add them as well in parallel of the serial no. self. I guess I can adapt the Purchase Receipt form to add such values too.

BTW: What we really want to solve is a automatic receive (import) of goods based on a PR transaction. So next step would be to look for the PR API to trigger a import of serialised items.

yes works as expected

I have flagged the serialization and batch control issues for discussion in this week’s ERPNext Hangout. Hope we can figure out a good solution for them

Hi I am new to ERPNEXT and coming from Odoo which is too complex for my need.
i am struggling to work with serial numbers.
All the products that we buy come with serial number and we sale them with serial numbers for tractability and warranty issue.
I have ticked all the correct boxes however on product receipt (purchase receipt) page these is no option to input the serial numbers. can someone guide me please.
I am using the latest release

Read up the earlier posts in this thread. It had the information you need to make serial numbers work.

Hope this helps.


I have read it and followed all the steps but still cannot see the Serial field.
I am doing something wrong one the configuration side of things?


First you have to enable Serial Numbers in the Item Master. And you should not opt for automatic serial number. Once you do that, if you open up an item in the Purchase Receipt, you will see the space where you can key in (or scan) Serial Number.

Hope this helps.



@JayRam Thanks for you reply,
I think there is something else ongoing, I have even signed up for a trial on ERP next to test and it is still the same. I have attached some photo, I am not sure why it is not working.
Highest regards

To the right of that 90 HP Folio is that down arrow, next to the amount column? Press that down arrow and a whole new screen will open up in which you will find the serial number field. :slight_smile:



@JayRam, there is no way in a million years I would have found that out.
very much appreciated.

The documentation states that only the status of “Available” serial numbers can be selected for delivery notes and picklist’ involved with delivery. However, there isn’t a status " Available".
Only the following status’ are listed;

Am I missing something

Not sure if you are missing something! You seem to be in a bit of a bother on this. Let me find your other and pick up that thread.



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Thanks JayRam,

this is the original thread.