'Add Serial No' picking does not show list


Anyone has this experiance? When on a Delivery Note for serial item, clicking the “Add Serial No” button does not bring up the picking list. I have the selected wharehouse and correct batch.

ERPNext V12.0.6

The Item is a batch and serialised item, so not sure if thats an issue?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Kind regards

This is the error log i see on the console.

VM629:145 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘df’ of undefined
at :145:39
at Array.forEach ()
at init.make_dialog (:143:24)
at init.setup (:21:8)
at new init (:14:9)
at transaction.js:1728
at Object.eval_assets (assets.js:88)
at Object.execute (assets.js:74)
at Object.frappe.require (assets.js:12)
at Object.erpnext.show_serial_batch_selector (transaction.js:1727)
(anonymous) @ VM629:145
make_dialog @ VM629:143
setup @ VM629:21
init @ VM629:14
(anonymous) @ transaction.js:1728
eval_assets @ assets.js:88
execute @ assets.js:74
frappe.require @ assets.js:12
erpnext.show_serial_batch_selector @ transaction.js:1727
(anonymous) @ utils.js:70
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3