Add serialized items from the past

How can I add serialized items with a manufacturing date in the past?

We want to start using ERPnext to follow up on the status of our products, where we have a number of products (with a serial number) with a maintenance contract. We want to keep track of the history of these products, and know which items are good for maintenance (=customers have paid their fee).

However, if I’m correct, I can de a reconciliation of the stock (Frappe Cloud), but then I can’t provide the actual date that these products have been made…

@Hans_Druyts welcome to the forum!

You can do Stock Reconciliation on a past date (but it does not include Serial Nos)

Best way would be to add them using Stock Entry of type Material Receipt on a particular date and then make the Serial Nos

(you can also do this by making a custom field)